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People Management

Centralize and maintain your employee records in one secure place. Forget about spreadsheets and focus on what really matters: people.

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Define your objectives and use our attendance management tool, employee portal and document management system to ensure visibility, structure and access to all relevant information and thereby achieve optimal people management.

People Management

  • Use digital files and folders to keep your employee information organized and maintained.

  • Visualize your company structure in the organizational chart to gain an overview of your workforce and lead it remotely.

  • Manage employee goals and commitments with automated notifications and generate action plans.

  • Organize and manage job descriptions and employee skills.

  • Perform bulk uploads and updates adding custom fields where necessary.

  • Use the wall journal for your internal communication and receive automatic event notifications.


Employee Portal

  • Grant your employees desktop or mobile access to their own portal to facilitate remote work.

  • Give employees the possibility to add/edit personal and work information and review the company's dynamic organization chart.

  • Enable employees to submit online requests for both vacation/administrative days as well as leave with(out) pay.


Document Management and Electronic Signature

  • Generate and manage downloadable contracts, annexes and settlements.

  • Determine the mandatory fields and track document changes.

  • Allow employees and legal representatives to sign documents electronically.

  • Validate your documents with a QR code. Improve their security with two-factor authentication.

  • Receive auto-reminders of document expiration and automatically send your employees email notifications.



  • Track employee attendance by monitoring absences, (medical) leaves and overtime.

  • Integrate your time and attendance system with hcmfront to record information in real time.

  • Set up approval workflows and simulate legal and progressive vacation balances.

  • Provide information for vacation payments and vacation balance simulations.


Intuitive and Accesible

Access hcmfront from your desktop, tablet or mobile and start managing complex processes on a single platform.

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