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Recruitment & Selection

Recruit and hire top candidates with our simple and intuitive talent acquisition module.

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Discover our recruitment & selection module

Manage the entire recruiting process in one place. Record each hiring stage and select the ideal candidate for the position.

Main Features

  • Streamline your recruitment and selection efforts and register candidate information to find and focus on best-fit candidates.

  • Create a personalized corporate portal to publish your job offers and configure workflows.


In-depth Knowledge of your Workforce

  • Increase the visibility of your job ads by publishing on multiple social networks and job portals through one centralized system.

  • Store your own CV database and easily access candidate resumes during hiring processes.

  • Analyze the most relevant metrics of the recruitment and selection process. What isn't measured can't be improved!


Intuitive and Accessible

Access hcmfront from your desktop, tablet or mobile and start managing complex processes on a single platform.

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