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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HCMFront is concerned about the protection of personal data of companies and users of the system (together with the "Clients") with whom it interacts. The right of Clients to make informed decisions regarding the use of their information is very important to HCMFront. This privacy policy explains the HCMFront policy on the collection, use, storage, communication and protection of personal data.


Personal Data

Personal information is data relating to any information concerning natural persons who work for Clients, identified or identifiable, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, or information on activities that may be directly related to a person.

The shared information helps HCMFront to understand the tendencies and needs of the Clients, in such a way as to offer new and better services, along with adapting those currently existing. This information may be shared with third parties, but may never be related to an identified or identifiable natural person.


Personal Data Gathering

HCMFront collects the Client's personal data, for example, when it completes via email the registration form, requests services at www.hcmfront.com or when it contacts HCMFront, either personally or by answering questions by mail, through the website or by telephone through customer service. Likewise, HCMFront collects information from users when the same company enters data from people who work for it

It may also be that HCMFront collects information when the Client visits the HCMFront.com website. This information can be the IP address of the computer, information about the operating system, the site from which the Client arrived at the HCMFront website or another of the participating HCMFront facilities and the time and date of their visit.


Personal Data use by HCMFront

The collected personal data is generally used to process the Customer's requests and transactions, to provide the highest quality services, to communicate opportunities, solve operational problems and to understand the Client's needs in order to better serve them.

HCMFront does not sell, rent, communicate or transmit personal data of its Clients to any person, except for the provisions of this instrument and in exceptional situations such as, for example, in the case of a judicial or administrative order.

HCMFront grants its executives, employees and others who participate in the chain of service provision only the information necessary to provide the service that the Client requested. HCMFront is not responsible for the additional information that the Client provides directly to these people, and we suggest that before giving any information you become familiar with its data protection practices.

For the fulfillment of the purposes of HCMFront, including backup and / or processing purposes, the personal data and other information of the Clients may be stored and / or processed by third parties other than HCMFront and participating establishments, either in Chile or abroad