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Strategically align the professional development of each of your employees with your business objectives.

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Evaluate employee performance, determining strengths and opportunities for improvement and constantly supporting professional development.

Main Features

  • Manage talent in a simple and friendly way. Let hcmfront process the information.

  • Set up your organization's account according to its methodologies and automatically generate response sheets based on what you want to evaluate.

  • Visualize employee potential and performance in a matrix of nine quadrants (9-box) to identify the people who have the capacity and aspiration to occupy leadership positions.

  • Access real-time reports, visualize the obtained results and generate action plans to get real value from your evaluation processes.

  • Recognize and acknowledge the achievements of your workforce to maximize employee engagement.


Intuitive and Accessible

Available on your desktop or mobile devices. Easily and quickly manage complex processes in one centralized system.

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