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People Management

Centralize employee data into one platform.



Manage your talent with continuous feedback.


Work Climate Surveys

Conduct surveys and receive real-time data reports.


Recruitment and Selection

Find the perfect candidate for your organization.



Record and keep track of your employee training.



Calculate salaries and wages within minutes.


People Analytics

Data analysis for all modules.

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    People Management

    Keep employee records organized and updated.

    • Employee File and Digital Folder

    • Company Structure and Organizational Chart

    • Employee List Filters

    • Mass Generation and Updates

    • Employee Traceability (Contract History)

    • Notifications and Birthdays

    • Custom Fields

    • Management Indicators

    • Employee Handbook

    • Personal Objectives Management

    • Commitments and Action Plans

    • Competencies Dictionary

    • Position and Employee Role Descriptions

    • Internal Communication and Mural Journal

    Employee Portal

    Provide your employees with access to relevant information through a self-service portal.

    • Different Access Levels

    • Información Personal y Laboral

    • Edición de Datos Personales

    • Access from Desktop or Mobile Device

    • Vacation and Administrative Day Requests

    • Application for Paid and Unpaid Leave

    • Company Directory and Dynamic Organizational Chart

    • Remote Work / Home Office

    • Work Documentation

    • Acceso Jefaturas y Gestión de Equipos

    • Notifications

    Document Management and Electronic Signature

    Generate contracts, annexes, settlements and more. Electronically sign all employee documents.

    • Digital Folder

    • Document and Contract Management

    • Liquidations, Contracts and Downloadable Attachments

    • Traceability of Document Modification

    • Configuration of Different Types of Documents

    • Document Expiration Notifications

    • Electronic signature for private work documentation

    • QR Code for Checking Document Validity

    • Definition of Counterparts and Signature Flow

    • Automated distribution of employee documents

    • Dual Authentication for Increased Security

    • Document Traceability and Change Control


    Track your employees' attendance by recording absences and overtime.

    • Absence Registration and Calendar

    • Over- and Undertime Handling

    • Configuration of Approval Workflows

    • Información para Pago de Licencias Médicas

    • Calendario de Ausentismos

    • Integration with Time and Attendance Systems

    • Vacation Balance Simulation

    • Legal and Progressive Vacation Acrual

    • Monthly Salaries and Wages

    • Automatic Update of Social Security and Tax Indicators

    • Absence, Over- and Undertime Registration

    • Loans and Credits

    • Simulation, Calculation and Generation of Termination Certificates

    • Previred Certification for Electronic Tax Payment

    • SII-Certified Tax Declarations and Income Certification

    • Configurable Assets and Discounts

    • Parameters and Concept Configuration

    • Automatic Tax Calculation

    • Re-liquidation of Concepts

    • Registro de Anticipos

    • Bank Transfers

    • Downloadable statements

    • Remuneration Handbook

    • Centralized Accounting

    • Real-time Reports

    • 360-Degree Evaluations

    • Performance and Potential

    • Competencies Dictionary

    • Diccionario de Factores de Potencial

    • Recognition Log

    • Definition of Objectives, KPIs and OKRs

    • Customizable Evaluation Forms

    • Various Evaluation Workflows and Stages

    • Continuous Feedback

    • Talent Calibration

    • Nine box (Performance vs. Potential)

    • Evaluación a partir del Descriptor de Cargo

    • Action Plans

    • Real-Time Reporting

    • Anonymous and Confidential Survey Management

    • Pending Survey Reminders

    • Configurable Dimensions and Questions

    • Various Calculation Methodologies

    • Automated or Scheduled Survey Delivery

    • Surveys via SMS

    • Action Plans and Commitments

    • Demographic Information with Filters

    • Filterable Reporting in Real Time

    • Training Planning and Budgetary Control

    • Publicación y Gestión de Cursos

    • Topic, Course and Session Management

    • Attendance, Qualifications and Approval Records

    • Relatores e Instituciones Capacitadoras

    • Participant and Enrollment Flows

    • Mallas Formativas de Cursos por Cargo

    • Training Needs Identification

    • Real-Time Reporting

    • Hiring Requests

    • Approval Workflows Configuration

    • Selection Process Management

    • Job Offer Publication

    • Candidate Selection and Nomination

    • Customized Corporate Job Portal

    • Personalized Recruitment and Selection Stages

    • Custom Templates

    • Notification Automation

    • CV database

    • Real-time and Reporting

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