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People Management
Made Easy

Integrate all HR solutions in one software: centralize, automate and optimize your processes.

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Select the modules you really need with the possibility of adding more later.

People Management

Manage all employee data in one system.

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With hcmfront, you can quickly calculate and pay your payroll online.

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Optimize employee performance.

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Align employee development with company growth.

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Surveys & Work Climate
Surveys & Work Climate

Conduct surveys and keep your workforce engaged.

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Reclutamiento y Selección
Recruitment & Selection

Find the right candidate for your business.

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Reloj Control

Management of Shifts and Schedules, Registration and Processing of Markings, Certified by the DT, Geolocation, Facial Enrollment, Reporting.

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Because people need optimal management

Rely on hcmfront so that you can make better decisions and achieve your business goals.

Digitalization of processes

Say goodbye to paper. Free up time and focus on what really matters: People.

Organizational Culture

Create a work environment that ensures a sustainable commitment from your employees.

Decision Making

Support real-time decision making with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence tools.


Encourage collaboration and flexibility to be able to face constant changes.


All our solutions are integrated in one software.

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Intuitive and Accesible

Access hcmfront from your desktop, tablet or mobile and start managing complex processes on a single platform.


Get the latest news and trends in People Management, Digital Transformation and Talent Development.

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